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Urban Mini VRF 48K BTU

Urban Mini VRF 48K BTU


The CHV6 Urban Mini VRF Series introduces a versatile VRF heat pump solution for homes and businesses, allowing dependable cooling and heating for any season. CHV6 Urban Mini VRF systems can be used together with an indoor unit interface to enable a variety of convenient features, including energy-saving night mode, smart motion sensing, priority zoning, and intelligent system monitoring. CHV6 Urban Mini VRF Series features units in 36K, 48K, and 60K Btu/h options. The CHV6 Urban Mini VRF series is compatible with a wide range of indoor models specifically designed for VRF systems providing perfect configuration for any project. CHV6 Urban Mini VRF series models can be paired with Wall Mounted units, Mini 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes, Low Static Fan Coils, High Static Fan Coils, and 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes.