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Urban VRF 168K BTU

Urban VRF 168K BTU


The CHV6 Urban VRF Series introduces a versatile solution for businesses with buildings and commercial spaces that require a large system with a large number of indoor units. With unit options raging from 72K BTU all the way up to 456K BTU, the CHV6 Urban VRF series can be specifically configured for any building. Up to 64 indoor units can be connected to one CHV6 outdoor unit, eliminating the tedious task of manually addressing each indoor unit. The CHV6 Urban VRF system comes equipped automatic addressing technology which addresses the indoor units by default. This is extremally useful during trouble shooting scenarios when only one or few indoor units are faulty. CHV6 Urban VRF systems utilizes built-in heat sinks to efficiently dissipate heat from the outdoor PCB, inverter module, and electrical box, protecting and improving the electrical reliability of the unit. CHV6 Urban VRF series models can be paired with Wall Mounted units, Mini 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes, Low Static Fan Coils, High Static Fan Coils, and 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes. Available AHU connection kits enable connection to existing AHU's, providing more installation flexibility for building renovation projects.